3 Reasons for the Popularity of Cremation in Harrisburg, PA

Today almost half of U.S. funerals include cremation, even in communities with traditional values. For example, residents often choose Cremation in Harrisburg PA because it makes planning easy, no matter where or when the funeral will take place. It is easier for friends and family to participate in final farewells. Cremation is also much less expensive than classic funerals which include burial.

Cremation Is Easy to Arrange

There are far fewer steps involved in planning a Cremation in Harrisburg PA than a burial. That makes planning services fairly simple and allows for flexibility. For instance, it costs much less to ship ashes than a body and the process involves less red tape. Funerals can be held when it is convenient for everyone involved. There is no need to transport cumbersome caskets. Anyone can carry an urn or container and the ashes can be scattered in almost any location.

Cremation Lets Everyone Play a Part

Families often choose cremation so that all friends and family get to play a part in celebrations of life or funerals. Each person may scatter some of the ashes and say their personal goodbyes. Cremains might even be divided into more than one container so that mourners can each have their own. It is possible to order small urns which look like the primary container but hold tiny amounts of ash. Manufacturers also offer keepsake jewelry that can hold small amounts of ashes. They have become popular among those who feel that the jewelry makes them feel closer to a person who has died.

Cremation Helps to Ease Burdens

It is becoming common for clients to choose cremation in order to solve a range of problems. For instance, it is much less expensive to cremate a body than bury it. A dignified cremation can cost less than $1,000, while the average funeral with burial can run more than $10,000. Families also have more choices for final resting places and many feel relief at not using valuable land to bury a body.

The demand for cremation is growing among those who want dignified, affordable funerals. Cremation also makes it easier to plan final arrangements and allows everyone involved to play a part in final farewells.