Why Funerals in Allentown, PA Often Include Cremation

The funeral industry reports that 4 in 10 funerals now include cremation. The trend has been partially fueled by the fact that most religions now allow cremation. However, many families simply consider cremation a practical choice which solves problems. For example clients who dislike the idea of burial often choose cremation when planning Funerals in Allentown PA. Many area families consider it a dignified, affordable option which simplifies funeral planning.

Cremation Can Reduce Stress

Many clients choose cremation in order to reduce the stress of making a series of decisions very quickly. When arrangements include burial, families can only wait so long to conduct Funerals in Allentown PA. Even with exceptional embalming, a body can change dramatically over a few weeks, making the deceased nearly unrecognizable. Cremation gets around the problem by allowing families the time to make plans and gather mourners together. It is also easier to transport cremains when family members have died away from home or when funerals will be held many miles from the place of death.

Some People Dislike Burials

Cremation has also become popular among those who are uncomfortable with burial. Some are just horrified at the idea of being buried underground. Others consider it a waste of valuable space. Environmentally responsible clients typically feel that burying an embalmed body, grave liner and casket will eventually pollute the earth.

Elegant Funerals Cost Much Less

Families choose cremation when they want affordable funerals that are easily tailored to make meaningful statements about the deceased. Clients can choose basic, unattended cremations and arrange to have the cremains returned to them. Families often go that route when they are planning dignified celebrations of life, which often include scattering ashes. For additional fees some cremation providers offer attended or unattended scattering of ashes at sea. Clients can also buy elegant urns as well as registry books, memorial folders, thank you cards and keepsake jewelry. Most of the jewelry is designed to hold a small amount of ashes.

Requests for cremation have increased over the last few decades, as more religions have relaxed rules against it. It is also an affordable choice that reduces stress and makes it easier to create meaningful memorials.