Using A Plumber in Tacoma When A Pipe Bursts

The plumbing system in a home is at risk of freezing when winter arrives. It is best to take the time to protect pipes from bursting well before the colder season begins. Here are some steps that can be taken to ensure pipes in a home or business are less likely to become damaged due to cold temperatures.

Add A Layer Of Insulation Around Exposed Pipes

Pipes that are not in an area of the home or business where heat is present should be wrapped to aid in keeping the water flowing inside of them from freezing. Tape or foam sleeves are made especially for this purpose. They can be purchased directly from a Plumber in Tacoma or from a home supply store. These are easy to apply and will provide warmth to the pipes so freezing is less likely to occur.

Provide Heat To Areas Where Pipes Are Seen

Exposed interior pipes should have a form of heat in the rooms where they are located. In a basement or garage, when temperatures are expected to drop to freezing levels, place a space heater in the area. This will aid in keeping pipes from becoming too cold, keeping bursting at bay. In the main portion of the building, pipes located behind cabinet doors can be warmed by opening those doors during exceptionally cold times

Let Water Drip From Faucet To Keep Water Flowing

Allowing a water faucet to drip during cold weather can help to keep it from standing in one location. This, in turn, will keep it from becoming a block of ice within a piping system. The cold water faucets on sinks or tubs in the building can be turned on during the nighttime hours when temperatures are expected to be at their coldest.

If a pipe in a home or business happens to burst because of extreme coldness, a call to a Plumber in Tacoma will be necessary. They will quickly come to the location to make a repair as needed. Additional tips can also be provided to aid in keeping pipes from breaking again in the future if desired.