Advantages of Simple Cremation Services In Lynnwood WA

A death in the family, expected or sudden, is a major life event for surviving family members, friends, and coworkers. The immediate reactions are different for everyone but can be shock, guilt, anger, sadness, relief, happiness, or a combination of several emotions. The stress of making funeral arrangements, sitting in the front row during a wake, and having a service within a few days of losing a loved one can be too much for some families.


In addition to dealing with area family and friends in various emotional states, some close family members may live far away. Delaying final arrangements until they can arrive extends the first stages of grief. Disagreement among family members regarding how to proceed with final arrangements can be devastating.

Any suspicions regarding the cause of death may result in the body being held for a few days before release. That will definitely add to the stress of getting a group of people together for a wake and service. A traumatic accident may leave the body unfit for viewing, which can make a wake unbearable due to a closed casket.


Most people are under the impression that Cremation Services In Lynnwood Wa are much less expensive that a full burial. That is not necessarily true if a wake and service are still held. The embalming process will have to be conducted for a viewing.

The funeral director will still have to be paid, and a burial of the ashes will incur high costs. All the aspects of a traditional service, such as flowers, transportation, digging fees, and a luncheon are still required. Some cremations can be as expensive as modest burials.

An Alternative

Direct Cremation Services In Lynnwood Wa are simple, respectful, and cost-effective. Arrangements can be made right online and several steps can be eliminated. No embalming, no funeral director, no flowers, and no immediate gathering will save family and friends money, stress, and possible family conflict.

There is plenty of time to arrange some sort of memorial service after the shock and grief have subsided a little bit. At that time, people will be more likely to celebrate the life of the deceased instead of mourning the loss.