Your Animal Hospital, Your Senior Dog And Behavioral Changes

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Animal Hospitals

The aging process affects your dog in many ways. There are the obvious physical changes. Arthritis may slow them down. They can develop a limp. They will sleep more. A senior dog’s hearing may decrease, and his/her eyesight may weaken. An animal hospital is quite adept at recognizing these signs. They also notice and can help you with addressing any behavioral changes.

Behavioral Changes Affecting Your Dog

Not all dogs may undergo a change in their behavior. Moreover, such changes will differ from those that affect other dogs. You should be aware, however, of the potential for such issues occurring. Among the most common you need to recognize are:

Aggressiveness: If the anxiety level increases, or there is a magnification of stress or anxiety levels, the result can be increased aggressiveness. This is more frequent with dogs already classified as insecure. A decrease in vision and hearing can produce exaggerated posturing. It is an attempt to conceal their current inability to see and/or hear the approach of potential enemies. It can mask fear.

Anxiety and Stress: This often results from any changes in the dog’s environment. It could be a major change such as a move or as minor as the addition of a new animal into the home.

Increased vocalization: Hearing loss can produce increased vocalization. This is a coping mechanism. Louder barks are simply the result of the same decline.

Separation Anxiety: This may heighten in dogs already prone to this condition. It may develop because of sudden changes or magnified fears.
An animal hospital can help explain the changes and offer advice on what to do.

Your Animal Hospital Can Help

Your vet can help by examining your senior. He can record the changes occurring. An animal hospital will provide you with the means to help decrease the possibility or effect of behavioral changes. The approach may include medications but could also be massage or hydrotherapy.

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