Why Would You Consider Mold Testing In Alexandria VA And Where Would You Test?

Not only are there thousands of different types of mold but they can be found just about everywhere in Alexandria VA. Actually they are a microscopic type of fungus that propagates through even smaller spores which can be either air or water borne. The spores can survive almost anywhere but require moisture and nourishment before they can replicate and form a colony large enough for us to see it.

If you can see mold anywhere in your home, business or commercial premises then you will need mold removal services followed by an inspection to ensure that all traces have been removed. Since inhaled mold spores can cause allergies in many people it makes sense for us to make every effort to keep places mold free. Unfortunately, because of the numbers this is only likely to be achieved in a totally sterile environment. Basically, we should settle for keeping the mold count down as much as possible.

If You Can Smell It – Deal With It

Molds do smell and as soon as you begin to notice that “musty” smell is when you must assume that you might be on the brink of a major mold problem and it would be wise to look into Mold Testing In Alexandria VA. We all like to think that we keep our homes spotlessly clean and this can lead to a false sense of security where mold is concerned. Wood, carpets, drapes, and soft furniture can all be nourishment for mold; but, so can many construction materials (especially sheetrock). Fortunately, molds require moisture even more than nourishment for their growth; this means that on top of cleanliness, it is necessary to avoid moisture accumulation and control humidity if we are to keep mold at bay.

Places within the home that we rarely enter could be targeted by mold especially if they have a tendency to become damp. Attics, basements and crawl spaces should be checked for dampness on a regular basis and tested for mold if they smell suspicious.

Companies like PMSi Mold Treatment Division who conduct Mold Testing In Alexandria VA area will use a device known as a mold spore trap. This sucks in air samples to see if they contain microscopic spores. Basically, the air is passed over a glass microscope slide that has been treated with a special sticky substance. Any spores present will get stuck on the glass where they can subsequently be viewed and analyzed. This will determine whether you have mold or not and knowing which type will aid in its removal.