Do You Need Local, Professional Commercial Pressure Washing Services?

As a homeowner, it’s important to maintain the home in good repair and ensure that everything is up to scratch for any planned future sale. This not only maintains sales value but also means that everyone is living in a clean home. The problem is that many homeowners find it difficult to clean areas such as pavers, concrete, and other hard surfaces that develop mold. This is where a local firm specializing in commercial pressure washing is ideal.

Do You Have a Mold Problem?

The trouble is that mold can form on exposed hard surfaces, such as concrete, and even in attics and cellars where dampness is a common issue. In cases like this, where the mold is very difficult to remove with home remedies and regular equipment, it is necessary to look at commercial pressure washing surfaces.

Black mold, in particular, can have the following effects on health:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • A feeling of fatigue and lethargy, such as that produced by chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Respiratory problems, especially in those with asthma and those who are susceptible and immuno-compromised
  • Feelings of anxiety and depression

Removing Mold Effectively

Excessive dampness can be a prime growing factor in the formation of black mold in and around homes. While many people think that bleach is effective in removing mold of any sort, the fact is that it does nothing to remove the spores. Mold itself is very hardy and durable and will not respond to most home remedies.

Commercial pressure washing services use industrial-grade equipment to remove materials such as black mold. If you are suffering from the effects of black mold, don’t hesitate to call out All Clean Environmental Services today. You can reach us on 920-594-1495. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information!