6 Things to Know Before You Use Chocolate Molds

If you’re baking a cake and you’re on a deadline, chocolate molds can come in handy. They’re a speedy way to get the designs you need for your cakes. You’ll finally have an easy time saying yes to those last-minute orders.

If you haven’t been baking for too long, here are a few tips that should serve you well.

Heat the chocolate carefully

The last thing you want is to overheat the chocolate. Burnt chocolate turns into lumps. You won’t be able to use it with your chocolate molds so you’ll need to try again with a new batch. That’s added time and expense you’ll want to avoid at all costs, especially since wasting your materials can impact your bottom line.

Keep it at a level

When you fill up the molds, don’t put in chocolate to the brim of the cavities, A Beautiful Mess says. That’s only going to result in blobs.

Wait it out

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to remove the chocolate from the mold. Wait it out until the chocolate has completely hardened. If you rush it, you’ll only end up with chocolate that’s going to break or melt in your hands.

Do them in advance

The good thing about these molds is that you can use them way beforehand. Pick out popular molds and do the decorations in advance. Then put them in a sealed container. When you get a last minute order, and the theme fits those decorations, then you can easily take them out and add them to the cake. That’s an excellent way to make use of your molds.

Store Properly

Before you store those decorations, put the pieces in a sheet of wax paper so they won’t stick together.

Stock up

Make sure you buy quality molds, baking supplies and tools from a reputable shop.