Why to Get Restylane in Chevy Chase, MD

In the days of long ago, people had to deal with getting older by simply growing old gracefully as there was nothing else they could do about it. Today’s technology has made it possible for individuals to retain their youthfulness for a lot longer than they used to be able to, even to the point of removing wrinkles. There is a procedure called Restylane that helps to reduce facial wrinkles and gives users more of the youth they seek. A skin care center that offers Restylane in Chevy Chase MD has several reasons why people get the injections.

What are the Uses for Restylane Injections?

Restylane injections are FDA-approved and are made using hyaluronic acids which are natural substances that provide fullness and volume to the skin of living creatures. The advantage of the substance is that it is a gel that is created in a sterile environment which ensures against the risk of the transmission of diseases. The substance also has a property that allows it to work well for those patients who might have allergies such as to eggs, beef or other foods. The injection is used to help offset some of the woes of aging.

More on Restylane Injections

The injections have been shown to correct wrinkles in the face that are moderate or even severe and the patient’s own skin will help the gel to be degraded into the body and they do not leave any residue. The injections will last up to six months before the patient would have to get another injection, but can last even longer than six months, according to where the injection is in the body.

Where to Get the Injections

The Tamjidi Skin Institute has been providing skin care solutions for patients in the Chevy Chase, Maryland area for a long time. In addition to providing Restylane injections, the center has spa services to help rejuvenate the body and mind, chemical peels, facials, Botox, laser therapy, and other skin care options. If a patient is interested in Restylane in Chevy Chase MD, the center is available and can provide more information at the website, http://www.tamjidiskininstitute.com/.

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