Quantum – India’s first direct to investor mutual fund

Quantum is one of the most trusted mutual fund houses in India. The main motto of the company is to gain the trust of its investors by ensuring transparency in policy and maintaining strong work ethics. To understand the needs of their investors they are focussed on transparency, simplicity and integrity.

The company was a brain child of Ajit Dayal, the founder of Quantum, whose study in USA exposed him to the world of mutual funds and inspiring him to build a company of his own, where there was no corruption and which would be a clean business. It took him 25 years to convert his dreams to reality. Since receiving their AMC licenses from SEBI in December 2005, they have launched 9 funds to serve various categories.

Quantum Mutual Fund commits to providing options to help gain good wealth from your existing savings. The products offered are simple and easily understandable and hence making investments easy at a reasonable cost. They have a good research and investment process which helps in minimizing the risk element involved in long-term investment.

Some of their products and services includes Equity Funds (Quantum Long Term Equity Fund, Quantum Nifty ETF, Quantum Equity Fund of Funds and Quantum Tax Saving Fund), Quantum Multi Asset Fund, Debt funds (Quantum Liquid Fund and Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund), Gold funds (Quantum Gold Fund ETF and Quantum Gold Saving Fund). One can browse through the details of each fund on their official website or contact them directly via e-mail or on phone.