Why The Seller Matters When Buying Used Medical Equipment

Making a choice to buy used medical equipment is a very wise decision for many labs, research facilities, and medical testing centers. In choosing used equipment over new, the cost of the purchase can be as much as 70% lower, while still obtaining equipment that has been fully tested and verified to be in good working order.

When buying anything used, particularly equipment that is cri buy used medical equipment tical in obtaining accurate results, it is essential to get to know the reputation of the used equipment service or the seller. Many people spend time in choosing the make and model but put little time and effort into reviewing the seller. This can lead to the potential issue of a problem with the equipment that becomes impossible for the buyer to resolve.

In finding a supplier of quality used medical equipment, consider these three important factors before making a purchase.

Provides Accurate Information

The website, as well as the sales staff for the equipment seller, should be able to provide accurate information on the quality, features, functions and even the cosmetic appearance of the equipment.

Most equipment brokers don’t verify the equipment, and they don’t offer warranties. Top used equipment companies have their own in-house technicians that test and report on the equipment, giving customers a clear understanding.

Expertise in Use of Lab and Testing Equipment

Not all companies offering used medical equipment for sale have experience in the medical and testing areas. Other companies have extensive time and expertise in the use of the equipment, which allows them to give information about the equipment from a real-world use perspective.

Customer Service and Support

Before making a purchase, always check the company’s ratings with past customers as to service and support. Some of the best-used equipment companies provide warranties on their refurbished equipment, but it is still important to verify they stand behind their warranties and work with their customers if there is an issue with the equipment after the sale.