Strategies For Getting The Best Deal On Used Siemens Equipment

In research laboratories, hospitals, medical testing facilities and in pharmaceutical companies around the world, Siemens equipment is seen as one of the top brands on the market.

With equipment that incorporates the latest in technology, automation, and accuracy in all aspects of testing and reporting of results, adding used Siemens equipment to any lab is a great way to upgrade while also saving on the cost of new equipment. Used equipment can offer as much as fifty to seventy percent savings over new models. When purchased from a top used equipment dealer it can be warrantied and fully tested, ready to be installed and used immediately when it arrives.

Getting the best price on used Siemens equipment is simple with a strategic approach. Unlike new equipment, there is greater variability in the pricing on used equipment based on the model, features and the aesthetic condition of the equipment. In addition, the pricing is directly related to the used equipment seller.

Work With Top Sellers

With any make or model of used laboratory, chemical or medical equipment, shopping with a high volume used equipment dealer will typically result in a lower price. These dealers have large inventories and a network of medical and testing facilities, so they have a good inventory turnover.
This translates into very fair pricing, which may be lower than pricing found with smaller used equipment dealers having a smaller inventory and less selection.

Look at Features and Options

While there are base types of used Siemens equipment on the market, there are also systems that have been upgraded or have additional features over the base models. This will depend on what the original purchaser requested.

When comparing prices and inventory, take the time to look at the additional features offered on one website over inventory on another. It is also worth the time to look at a newer or more advanced model. With the price savings of used they may not be out of the budget, allowing for higher capacity equipment in the lab.