Why Should I Take Textile Design Courses?

For those unfamiliar, textile design is the art of developing designs for fabrics, including knitted, woven, and printed fabrics. Many colleges and secondary education options offer some classes on textile design. You may be asking yourself, what would I gain from taking a textile design course? As it turns out, textile design is a great skill to learn the basics of.

Experience Different Media

If you take a textile design course, you can get the opportunity to work with a variety of different media. The different media includes dyes, yarns, silk screens, CAD programs, and paints. You also get to combine creative ideas with technical skills in a rewarding manner.

Gain Styling Skills

Textile design focuses on fashion. But courses also cover interior design like home furnishing design, table design, and carpet design. Textile design skills can be a benefit to a plethora of careers. For example, you learn how to take a concept and develop it until it becomes a finished product. This skill would be useful in many different walks of life, as it can be applied to nearly any professional demand or hobby. Because fashion is endlessly changing, and new styles are remerging from past decades, textile designers are always on-demand.

Presents You with Challenges

Textile design courses are mainly hands on, but theories are also shared. This combination of hands-on skill development and theoretical research makes for a challenging and fulfilling course. Most textile design courses are taught by professionals working in textile design industries. This gives you the chance to learn from the best, develop technical skills, and build networks that could later be used to obtain jobs

Taking a textile design course can develop your creativity, technical know-how, fashion sense, and artistic ability. This makes taking a textile design course a wise decision for those who wish to be well-rounded in their skillsets and careers.

If you are considering a career in art or simply taking some textile design courses, you can schedule a visit with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago or visit their programs and other information online at http://www.saic.edu/.