The Advantages Of A Fireplace Insert In Chicago

Many people love fireplaces because they look warm and inviting, can produce enough heat for the room, and provide ambiance. However, a traditional, open-hearth version may not be the best option if you want to heat the home and get the most from it. A fireplace insert in Chicago allows you to get more benefits and you can choose from a variety of fuels, as well.

Lower Heat Bills

Traditional fireplaces send most of the heat out of the chimney, which means that about 10 percent of the energy is heating the house. A fireplace insert in Chicago is much more powerful. The fire can burn hotter, fans and vents will return up to 99 percent of the heat to your home, and you can lower the temperature and still stay comfortable. Many homeowners can expect to save up to 40 percent on their energy bills in winter.

More Convenience

Most people love the look of fire but hate all the work involved. You have to build a fire from the ashes upward and tend it frequently. Many homeowners cannot leave home for more than a few hours with a fire going because it will die out. It is much harder to start a fire from scratch, so tending it is much better. However, with these inserts, you don’t have to work as hard to keep the fire going, even throughout the night. Those who choose gas as their fuel may have to do even less to get things going and heat up their home.

Upgrade Style/Look

These inserts can also help you choose a new look for space, ensuring that it looks modern and beautiful.

A fireplace insert in Chicago can do a variety of things, such as be more convenient, lower bills, and more. Visit Northwest MetalCraft now to learn more.