Why Pre-Plan Funerals in San Diego CA?

Pre-planning for final arrangements is wise for a number of reasons. The first is that people are guaranteed the exact type of funeral they desire. In many cases, differing family beliefs, guilt, and stress can lead to conflict. Suddenly people are arguing over what the deceased would want, spending a small fortune, or wondering what to do next. Pre-planning your own end of life arrangements eliminates all that hassle.

People can plan every aspect of those arrangements right down to the kind of flowers they want, if they want them at all. It is an ideal way to be sure the events are personal and meaningful. If a burial is the final wish, the family will not have to decide on the particulars. Selecting a casket in advance, for example, means the family will not be convinced to purchase an expensive one while grieving.

Cremation Options

Not all people wish for traditional Funerals in San Diego CA. Those who wish to be cremated can pick out an urn, dictate the type of celebration to be conducted, and decide what happens to the ashes. A full cremation consists of a wake, a service, and a plot if ashes are to be buried. Costs will be as high as a simple traditional funeral and burial.

Direct cremation is private, cost-effective, and simple. This process only requires a basic casket, a standard cardboard container for ashes, and professional services for the actual cremation. The costs, which are locked in when arrangements are pre-planned and pre-paid, are but a fraction of the costs of other options. The elimination of embalming, a funeral home, and a service makes direct cremation an attractive alternative.

How to Make Arrangements

Pre-planning assistance is offered online, or at any business that handles Funerals in San Diego CA. A professional will outline the services and costs that are absolutely necessary. People can elect to stop the planning process with the bare minimum requirements and costs. Additional options are available as well. Items such as an upgraded urn, keepsake jewelry, announcements, thank you cards, and memorial markers can also be purchased during the pre-planning process.

Making arrangements in advance will save money, drastically reduce burden and stress for surviving family members, and assure people their final wishes will be honored.