Today’s Eyeglasses: Fashionable And Durable

Eyeglasses today are designed to serve many purposes. Although they are there to provide you with the ability to see the world and all it contains, they are considered to be so much more. They have become fashion accessories. In fact, it is possible to purchase in Grand Rapids eyeglasses designer eyewear. Those who now offer everything from classic to modern to sport eyeglasses include such well-known names as:

  • Ray ban

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Burberry

  • Brooks Brothers

  • Armani Exchange

  • Versace

  • Prada

  • Converse

  • Calvin Klein

These and so many other famous names can now be found on the frame of your new eyeglasses.

Today’s Eyeglass Lenses

Where once glass dominated, now plastic does. This versatile material has made it possible to have lenses that do not shatter. It has also allowed your eyeglasses to be more durable and safer. Your eyewear has also become lighter making them easier to wear for long stretches of time. Overall, thanks to technology and the advances it has made in this direction, today’s lenses are now:

  • Lighter

  • Stronger – impact-resistant

  • Thinner

  • More scratch-resistant

  • Protect your eyes from ultra-violet light

  • Adjustable in going from indoors to outdoors and vice versa

  • Able to reduce glare, including halos

This is because they are made of more durable and improved plastics.

Today’s Eyeglasses: Composition of Lenses

If you walk into an eyeglass shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, or visit an online site devoted to eyewear, you will find dozen of options. Some selections, however, are more commonly found than others are. Among the newer and popular lenses for eyeglasses are the following:

  • Polycarbonate Lenses: This type of plastic lenses are considered excellent for those who may drop their eyeglasses with greater frequency than other people may. If you have a job where your eyewear are continually subjected to a high risk of scratches or drops, these are the lenses for you. They are also recommended for those who are active in their choice of hobbies or sports.

  • Trivex Lenses: Although comparable to polycarbonate in terms of durability, these plastic lenses are more light-weight. They may also be able to help correct your vision more effectively than those made from polycarbonate.

  • Polarized Sunglasses: If you have an issue with glare, these are the type of eyeglasses you should opt for.

Considering Eyeglasses

If you live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are considering eyeglasses, be sure you look at what is available. Go beyond the appearance. Make sure your provider understands exactly what you need. While your vision issues will always dictate the type of prescription you will need, you have a large say in everything else. By carefully examining your options, you should be able to “have it all.” Your eyeglasses will be flattering, light, thin and able to withstand the forces that make up the kind of life you lead.