The Advantages Of A Portable Chainsaw Lumber Mill

Determining what equipment to invest in for any company in the timber and lumber industry is always a challenge. There are obvious advantages and requirements for having the necessary saws and lumber processing equipment in the yard, but there is also the cost factor to consider.

The key is in choosing equipment that is versatile, durable and is designed to handle the size and species of logs brought into the mill. The other option is to consider more portable equipment, which can be moved to the site of harvesting the logs and process or breakdown the logs at that location for greater efficiency in hauling.


A chainsaw lumber mill may be the ideal equipment for these types of operations. It is portable for easy location where needed, but it is also designed to manage a full range of log lengths and diameters.

With the ability to position the equipment where needed, rather than additional requirements of moving the logs around the yard, this streamlines the log processing and also helps to reduce costs.

Efficient Breakdown of Logs

The chainsaw lumber mill must be designed to offer the breakdown required for your mill operation. Look for models and systems that allow for full customization to meet the specifics of the mill.

With powerful hydraulic systems, overhead support of the bar for clean, consistent cut lines and fully controlled movement of the saw bar through the log, these are highly efficient systems.

Increased Productivity

For most lumber mills, having the option to breakdown logs where needed, combined with high levels of efficiency and the need for one operator, makes the purchase of a chainsaw lumber mill a top investment.

As with any equipment, comparing options and choosing a model from a recognized company in the industry is the best way to maximize the return on investment.