What to Expect at Your Pet’s First Visit

When you take your pet for their first visit to a veterinarian be sure to have your animal crated or leashed securely as there will probably be many other animals waiting. Once your name is called and you are taken into an exam room the vet will get your pet’s weight, pulse, temperature, and do a physical exam. To you it may actually look like we are petting your animal, but that is actually us examining it. Typically we will start with the face, checking the eyes for redness, the nose for any discharge, along with a quick look inside the mouth at the teeth. Inside the ears are always checked and by running our hands along the body we can tell if an animal weighs too much, too little or is just right. The final two things that are done is checking the femoral pulse and listening to the heart and lungs.

Differences between Dogs and Cats

There are a couple of extra steps you can take to prepare your cat for its first visit. Get your cat familiarized with its carrier and even take it for short drives in the car. It is just as important to prepare your dog for their first visit as all those new sounds, smells and sights can make them extremely anxious.

Many owners would not even think to take their dog to meet the vet before the first visit which can make your dog feel more relaxed, but the veterinarian as well. In both cases, be very sure to bring along any records you have including adoption, purchase, and vaccination records. When you are ready to take your pet for its first visit to a vet, Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic at Harwood Heights can provide your pet with a calm relaxing atmosphere to receive all the care they will need. For more information visit web.com.