What Should Homeowners Know About Leak Detection?

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Plumbing and Plumbers

Leaks in the plumbing system of a home can quickly lead to massive damage. It is crucial any leaks are found so they can be promptly repaired before major water damage occurs. Unfortunately, the vast majority of homes have plumbing that cannot be easily accessed. It can be difficult to find leaks in the plumbing system of a home without the right equipment. Instead of attempting to tear up a home and cause further damage, it behooves a homeowner to seek a professional plumber for Leak Detection. With their special equipment, they can find leaks without the need for destroying the property. This saves time, money, and aggravation.

Slab leaks are particularly difficult to detect without the right equipment for Leak Detection. A slab leak is one that occurs under the cement foundation of a home. This can be impossible to find for a homeowner but does present warning signs that include:

     *     The sound of running water even when the water is shut off
     *     The feeling of warmth on tile floors (This occurs when there is a hot water leak.)
     *     An increase in water bills
     *     Water pooling around the foundation

Instead of a homeowner attempting to tear up their flooring to find the leak, they need to hire a plumber to come in and use special equipment so the leak can be found. Electronic amplification equipment uses sound sensors to be able to detect the noises of leaks under many layers of cement. This can allow the plumber to know exactly where the leak is occurring so a small area of the flooring is removed instead of a large portion.

Once the leaking pipe has been found, the plumber can easily repair the damage so the leak can be stopped. This is crucial for the prevention of ongoing water damage that can often occur under the foundation of a home. If you are a homeowner who has noticed any signs of a slab leak, visit KentPlumbingCo.net so you can learn more about the plumbing services they can offer you. By scheduling your service appointment today, your home’s leaks can be properly taken care of.

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