How Auto Repair Shops Use Autoshop Management Software to Improve Efficiency

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Business

If you want to attain good performance in your automobile repair business, you should automate the processes. A lot of automotive repair shops are now realizing the need for autoshop management software. The old system of recording and communicating information manually can be tedious. Mechanics had to deal with writing lengthy repair orders, estimates, and reports. They had to combine this with their job of repairing vehicles, and the result was wastage of too much productive time and money.

But all of that is history now. Better efficiency and increased profitability can now be achieved by every auto repair shop just by using an automobile shop management software. Such a software helps your business to be much more efficient by:

Saving Time
The software is able to cut the time it takes to service a single customer in half. There would be no need to spend minutes jotting down necessary information such as license plate numbers, vehicle identification numbers and other necessary information.

With this software, technicians can easily take a picture for digital multi-point inspections, scan vehicle identification numbers within a matter of seconds, decode license plate numbers and come up with estimates and repair orders. This leaves more time to service the vehicle.

Recent research reports have shown that customers are more likely to respond fast and give approvals for servicing when they get emails or texts with photos attached than when they are communicated with via phone calls. This, therefore, helps you reduce the length of time you would have to spend waiting for client’s approval and improve job efficiency.

Cutting Administration Costs
Some auto repair shops would rather employ an assistant whose job would be to handle the data recording, inventory management, customer service and all necessary paper work. Though this is a great idea, it increases the costs of running your business because the assistant would have to be paid for their services.

With good autoshop management software however, you can eliminate the need for a separate assistant to handle administrative tasks as the tool is build to automatically handle most of the required tasks.

Improving Record Accuracy
Manual systems of recording information are always subject to errors and omissions. Technicians can make mistakes in the process of trying to save time. This software however, reduces the likelihood of that happening and ensures that records are input correctly the first time.

Autoshop management software also helps to improve job scheduling and reduce redundancy. Using such tools not only improves performance but also efficiency in various processes and procedures entailed in the auto shop repair business.

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