Innovative Metal Fabrication for Los Angeles Companies

Keeping up with the rapid changes and innovations in metal fabrication keeps a shop competitive, but it’s important to point out that each new change produces a ripple effect that is felt throughout the entire processing system. When deciding on new technology, it’s important to consider how it affects every area in a shop. Competition forces changes, but a comprehensive view and the understanding of how it affects every process is what ensures success.

Understanding Processes
Every step from the initial order to the delivery of a finished product is part of the process. There are ways to speed up production without the addition of new machinery, but adding new technology often results in even faster production through each area of metal fabrication. Los Angeles companies, when purchasing new machinery, should consider each step carefully as well as capacity and speed, and whether the new technology creates or eliminates bottlenecks in other areas of production. The new technology should result in more parts being produced per hour.

Software Systems
After the initial order is processed through an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and reaches the design stage, engineers employ Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs to create the 3D model plans. When an ERP system and CAD programs are employed streamlined processes result, a complete picture of the process from start to finish is presented. Waste is eliminated and costs are reduced because these systems guide the manufacture through each stage of the production process.

The Impact
Making use of ERP, CAD software and the latest machines are critical to rapid production from load to final output. Laser cutters are rapid and powerful, but it’s important to identify if other machinery holds up production elsewhere along the process. Today’s high-speed loaders are capable of loading and unloading at the rate of 60 seconds per piece, so with the investment of the latest software and laser cutters, an investment in a high-speed loader makes sense.

Innovation touches every facet of the sheet metal industry, and even office work and end packaging is improved with well thought out processes. Keeping up with technology is critical to the successful shop, and should be employed in every phase of metal fabrication. Los Angeles is home to an array of qualified and certified metal fabricators. A quality shop will answers client’s questions, and will also be willing to offer a tour of its facility.