What Cases Does A Product Liability Lawyer Handle?

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Attorney

Just about any product sold needs to be thoroughly tested to ensure it is safe to use. Any products that could cause harm to a person through improper use must have warning labels on them and directions for how to use them properly. If a product is missing warning labels or the warning labels are incomplete and a person is injured, the product’s manufacturer or retailer may be responsible for any injuries that might occur. A product liability lawyer will handle cases like this from start to finish.

What Types of Products Fall Under These Laws? Product liability laws cover just about any type of product from exercise equipment to food to medications. All must be safe for human consumption or use and must come with warning labels if there’s a possibility of an injury resulting from their use.

When Is a Lawyer Necessary? A person who simply cuts their finger on something sharp or who gets an upset stomach from taking a new medication likely doesn’t have a lawsuit as they don’t have a lot in medical bills from the injuries. However, a person who develops a serious illness because of a medication with an incomplete warning label may have thousands of dollars in medical bills and may need to sue for compensation. Anytime a person is curious whether they have a case, they’ll want to speak with a lawyer to find out.

What If There’s More Than One Injured Person? Product liability cases are typically class action suits, meaning that a single lawyer or a team of lawyers represents everyone who has been injured through the use of the product. In some cases, this could mean the lawyers represent thousands of people at a time while in others they might only represent one or two people.

A product liability lawyer will be able to help anyone who has been injured because of a product. It can be difficult to determine if there is a case and whether going through a lawyer is necessary or whether the person can simply settle with the responsible party. If you have been injured because of any type of product and want to know if you can obtain compensation for your injuries, contact the Edwards & Bullard Law Firm today.

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