What Are The Steps In Professional Garage Door Installation In Evanston?

Homeowners may purchase new garage doors when they’re sprucing up their home’s curb appeal or when their old doors need replacement. In general, when customers purchase garage doors, they are also paying for professional garage door installation in Evanston. Attempting a DIY installation is risky, both to the installer and to the doors themselves. When professionals install new doors, they typically go through the following steps.

Step One: Remove Old Doors

Unless the new garage doors are intended for a new garage, the first step in the installation process is disassembling the old doors. To do this, installers will need full access to the door and the track both inside and outside the garage. That means homeowners may need to declutter a bit before the process can begin. Disassembly involves loosening the tension in the spring, removing cables, and taking down the door panels one by one. The pieces are then loaded into a truck for disposal.

Step Two: Install New Doors

The installation process begins by putting a new track in place that will hold the first new panel. Then, the panels are added one by one up to the top track. At the same time, guide rails along each side of the garage door opening must also be installed. Once the doors are in place, they are attached to a new spring mechanism. The last part of this process is adding the final panel, which is typically a window. The final assembly will be tested, adjusted if necessary, and all materials will be cleared away.

Step Three: Set Up Electronics

Finally, installers will set up any accessories the homeowner has purchased. These may include remote controls, sensors, keypads, a battery backup, or a garage door monitor that can be controlled from a smartphone. Devices like these can provide added security and convenience. Installers should make sure homeowners understand how everything works before leaving the site.

When homeowners get professional Garage Door Installation in Evanston, they can feel confident that their new garage doors will work properly to ensure the safety of their home. To learn more about the installation process, visit Roberts Garage Door Professionals.