Get Rid of the Task of Parking by Using a California Valet Service

When you don’t have time to park your vehicle yourself or you aren’t sure where to park after arriving at your destination, you could use the services of a valet. This is someone who will take your car and park it at a safe location before retrieving your car and bringing it back to you when you’re ready to leave. Here are a few things to expect from a valet.


Before the day gets started, a valet will usually meet with other workers to find out if there are any special events in the area that might require valet service in Orange County. Large events often mean more tips for drivers and can keep them busy throughout the afternoon and evening instead of a valet looking for those who need their vehicles parked.


Whether working at a special event or at a parking garage, someone who provides valet service in Orange County will usually know the layout of the property and the surrounding area. This is beneficial so that the driver knows where to park vehicles without being charged and without being towed.


There are a few pieces of equipment that a valet will usually have on hand for emergencies. Jumper cables and flashlights are at the top of the list of items along with parking signs and cones so that drivers know where to go when they arrive at the event and so that the valet can direct drivers to where they need to go if they don’t want someone else driving their vehicle.

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