What Does the Audi Q5 for Sale in Philadelphia Offer?

The Audi Q5 for sale in Philadelphia may have caught your eye. This stylish luxury car can provide a wide range of reasons to buy it. It has a stunning body, one with clean lines and a lower profile. This compact SUV has a lot under the hood, including several engine options. For those who are looking for a luxury, but a hard-working car, this can be a good choice.

A Powerful Engine to Get You Places

For those who are thinking about the Audi Q5 for sale Philadelphia for its ability to work, it has the engine for it. This engine creates 248 horsepower. There are several engine options to select from based on whether you are after the 45 Titanium Premium or the 45 Premium model. Each of these vehicle options also provides at least 4,000 pounds of towing capacity, perfect for those road trips. Still, it gets 22 city and 28 highways in fuel efficiency.

A Comfortable, Stylish Interior

Inside the car, you have numerous features. This includes luxury seating with climate control. There are numerous driver assistance features, a large entertainment display, and ample onboard tech. There is a lot of cargo space in the back as well.

For drivers looking for a stylish and durable vehicle, the Audi Q5 for sale in Philadelphia could be a good option. With several model options to choose from and several add ons available, it can prove to be a must for many of today’s drivers.