Using Implant Dentists For A New Smile

When someone is missing several teeth, they have the option in getting dentures to cover the gaps, or they can try implants to fill them. Many people enjoy the look of implants and find after the surgery is completed, they have a pain-free smile they can enjoy without worry. Seeing Implant Dentists to set up this procedure will be necessary. Here is a quick rundown of what to expect when getting implants.

First the person wishing to have implants would speak to their dentist to find out if they are a candidate for the procedure. If they are missing teeth due to advanced periodontal disease, their bone structure may not be solid enough to have implants placed. Their dentist would take x-rays to determine if they can go through with the procedure or not.

If the person is cleared for implants, they will have the procedure done in a surgical setting. General anesthesia will be given and they will be asleep for the entire surgery. The dentist will make a cut into the gums and place small steel rods inside. Each one will be fused into the bone, and the other end will protrude from the gum into the space where the tooth was previously located. They will then stitch the gums back into place.

The healing process would begin. The teeth will not be able to be placed on the rods until after the gums are healed. Afterwards, the patient will be able to select the coloring and shape of the individual teeth to be placed on the rods. These will be glued into place.

When the entire process is over, the patient will enjoy realistic teeth that will not show any indication of the implant procedure. They can eat the foods they wish and will not need to do extensive cleanings as they would with dentures.

If someone wishes to find out more about this process, they can contact Implant Dentists in their locale. Visiting a website like Website Domain will be beneficial in finding out more about what to expect when getting implants. A visit with the dentists can be scheduled if desired.