Differences In Local Moving Companies In Birmingham, AL

When it comes to local moving companies, there are three different basic options. In Birmingham, AL, you can find all three, and it will be up to you, as the consumer, to determine what type of moving company you are hiring and if it is a good match for your moving needs.

Local moving companies handle moves that can be completed in a day. They are not just restricted to the city, but they won’t be long distance moves where the trucks will be on the road for days at a time. In some situations a local company may load one day and unload the next, it will all depend on scheduling, the size of the move and other planned or unplanned issues that may occur.

Small Independent Moving Companies

Small independent moving companies can be a good choice for a small move or if there are limited special items in the move. These companies may have only one truck, or perhaps a few trucks and they tend to have a small employee base and hire day laborers to make up moving crews.

There are also some of these local moving companies that pop up during the summer in the peak moving times and then disappear later. These are very risky companies to use as claims are often not processed, and consumers are more likely to experience illegal and unethical issues with prices, quotes and demands for payment only in cash or other types of issues.

Local Companies with National Backing

There is another category of local moving companies that are operated by a specific city, such as Birmingham, AL, but that are affiliated and supported by national or international moving companies.

These companies will have name recognition and these are the moving trucks you see on the roads in and around the city. These companies are full-time moving services with fully vetted, and background checked crews, training for movers and a focus on customer service and satisfaction.

With these local moving companies, customers have the best of both worlds. They have professional local movers handling their move, but they also have the backing and the experience that comes with national and international companies providing moving services for decades.

When considering local moving companies be sure you know the type of company you are dealing with. Choosing the best professionals is always important and will ensure your move goes just as planned.