Using a Moving Company Serving Durham

If you have a move on the agenda to or from the local Durham area, you and any who are moving with you may be feeling a lot of anticipation and excitement. However, the big challenges in front of you as well – and that is how to get the move done. Well, there is a solution. You can rely on the extensive and professional services offered by a moving company. Durham is served by reliable relocation providers that can handle all aspects of your move, from initial planning, to packing, to transport, and the final installation and setup of your items at your new home for office facility.

The activity of moving definitely takes a lot of time and can sap both physical and mental strength after a lengthy period of time. There are many tasks that need to be completed during a moving project – everything from packing to transporting to final set up in the new space. A reliable moving company serving the Durham area is able to handle all of these tasks for you.

Residential Moves

There is an array of residential services offered by reliable moving agencies that you can utilize to help make your relocation effort as seamless as possible. They may include the following:

* Free quote

* Personal move management and planning

* Packing materials

* Single point of contact

* Valuation coverage

* Full or partial packing and unpacking

* Crating and specialty packing

* Property protection

* Short and long term storage

* Realtor selection and home marketing plan

* Crating and specialty packing

The package of services mentioned above can help you get relocated and settled in a very efficient manner and according to your schedule.

Commercial Moves

If you need to move your business, make sure you have access to the following services from your moving company:

* On-site project management

* Single point of contact

* Files and records moving

* Space planning

* Facility protection

* Pre-move planning and budgeting

* Computer, electronics and equipment moving

* Floor plan design

* Furniture installation and reconfiguration

* Office moving

* Warehousing

* Valuation coverage

* Fixtures installation

* Electronic moving and server rack relocations

* Disaster recovery and restoration

* Systems furniture installation and ales

* Asset management

* Post-move cleaning services

* Asset auctions

With the reliable moving company at the helm, you can benefit greatly from the knowledge and skill of dedicated moving professionals working hard to deliver you with a seamless relocation experience.