How to Maintain a Heat Pump in Hartford CT

Regular heat pump maintenance is crucial to avoid having to incur more costs making repairs or replacements. The perfect way to prevent the problem is to stop it way before it starts. It is impossible to ignore the necessity of maintaining a Heat Pump in Hartford CT. One can do it in a variety of ways.

How to maintain a heat pump

There are many ways in which owners can see to it that their heat pumps serve them for a long time without having one problem following closely on the heels of another until it is all damaged.

Regularly cleaning the filter

Always clean the heat pump’s filter every once in a while to ensure that the system runs smoothly. Currently, most heat pump systems on the market have an indicator light that notifies the owner when it’s time for cleaning. One can use their hose attachment on their vacuum cleaner to clean the filter.

Service the heat pump

It is advisable to service a heat pump at least once per year. Owners in Hartford CT should hire a professional technician to inspect the heat pump (ducts, filters, the indoor coil as well as the blower), check for any leaks, verify the proper airflow and inspect the electric terminals.

Clean the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit commonly attracts mud and dirt, especially during the summer season. So as to maintain a Heat Pump in Hartford CT, owners are encouraged to clean it using a garden hose which can easily get rid of any muck off the unit.

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