Tips from West Village Opticians on Contact Care

Eyedrops are used to prevent dry eyes because it keeps them lubricated. Some people may suffer from sensitivity and allergic reactions while using contact lens liquid. If a person experiences any issues, they should talk to West Village Opticians about using preservative-free products. Solutions are used to rinse contact lenses while providing UV and heat disinfection. They are also used in combination with enzymatic cleaners or cleaning products. Peroxide solutions and sanitizing agents are also used for storing contacts. Some include peroxide neutralizers, while others have neutralizing tablets.

* Keep your contact kit clean.

* Once a week, clean the lens case using a brush and a saline solution just for this purpose.

* Replace the contact case at least once every 90 days.

* Check the expiration date of the lenses and fluids and make sure liquid bottles are properly closed after each use.

* Never share a contact lens case.

* Never refill liquids. Always pour out the old liquid and add new liquid.

* Wash your hands before putting contact lenses on. Regular soap is okay to use, but experts recommend using antibacterial soap.

If possible, dry your hands off with anti-fluff towels or handkerchiefs. Normal towels leave trivial traces of fibers in a person’s hands. This causes discomfort if they are transferred to the lens surface. Do not sleep with contact lenses or even take a nap with them on. Be careful with makeup and antibacterial wipes. It is advisable to let your eyes rest at least once a week using glasses instead of contact lenses.

West Village Opticians also advise people establish a regular care routine. For instance, it is important to wash both hands well, since dirt is easily transferred to the lenses, increasing the risk of eye infection. Remove the lenses and clean them one at a time along with the recommended liquid. Rub the lenses with your fingers to better clean them. Rinse them off, making sure to remove all liquids and debris, and then place them in a clean case and fill it with disinfectant solution. The disinfectant kills microorganisms process, removing it from the surface of the lens. To learn more, contact Business Name today.