How To Choose Your First E-Cigarette

Smoking e-cigarettes is a practice that has become quite popular in the last few years, and so buying an electronic cig starter kit is how most people start this habit. In order to know what electronic cig starter kit is the best one for a beginner, you first need to know how to choose your first e-cigarette.

Different E-Cigarettes Exist to Choose From

When it comes to e-cigarettes you can pick from disposables and those that can be refilled. If you are just starting out, then you may want to go for a disposable one since you may not be sure you will like them. The refillable types are the most economical because you can refill them over and over with different kinds of flavored e-juice, which is the ingredients that give the e-cig its taste. Both kinds can be bought in an electronic cig starter kit.

Throat Hit is an Important Factor in Taste

Throat hit is what happens when the e-cig smoker inhales on the e-cig, and the feeling can be light or strong, depending on the amount of nicotine it has. You can choose anything from 0 nicotine to 24mg of nicotine and it all depends on how strong you want your throat hit to be.

Cost of E-cigarettes Affects Choices

First time e-cig users are normally concerned with the cost of e-cigarettes. They save money over regular cigarettes if you use the refillable kind, since they can be reused. So, buying an electronic cig starter kit can save you money in the long run.

The bottom line is that you have several choices when it comes to choosing your first e-cigarette, and Mt Baker Vapor wants to help you make the best choice and get the best price, so call them to discuss e-cigs at 1(877) 565-VAPE if you want some advice on choosing an electronic cig starter kit.