What to Know About the 2019 Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses are an exciting and natural occurrence really like no other. They add a lot of thrill to the day. Over the years, there have been many of them, but in the last few years, there has been a lot of interest from people in this type of event. For those who are waiting on edge to learn about the next one, it is coming. The 2019 solar eclipse will be a significant one, but it will not impact as many people. Still, for those organizations and companies in its path, it will be essential to plan for this event as soon as possible. People will want to be a part of it all.

What Are the Details?

The 2019 solar eclipse will take place in South America. It will span from Chile through Argentina. The event will take place on July 2nd. It will only last a few minutes, but during that time, there will be blackout events. The path of this eclipse continues through the Pacific Ocean and over New Zealand. It will also impact the Pitcairn Islands, Tuamotu Islands, and the Tubai Islands. Anyone who is interested in seeing it in its fullest effect, though, will want to visit Buenos Aires. This will be the most significant of the occurrences with a total blackout occurring on a scale of 200 km wide. This is a significant amount of blackout. And, it will last over 4 and a half minutes at the highest peak.

To be ready for the 2019 solar eclipse, organizations should begin to consider their access to solar eclipse glasses. These glasses will help to provide your guests, students, customers, and others with the ability to really see what is happening and to experience it at its fullest. For many, this will be an incredible opportunity.