The Video Post-Production Process

If you are new to the world of video post-production, you may have a few questions about the overall process and more importantly, you should have a few questions if you want to know what exactly goes into creating a professionally made video.

The Basics

With that being said, there are five basic steps to the entire video production process. They include development, video pre-production, video production, video post-production and lastly marketing and distribution. Video development, as the name implies, is when you and your production team decide on crucial things such as the intended audience, the purpose or goal of the video, release date and so on. Pre-production is when the actual work begins i.e. storyboard creations, writing scripts, preparing a crew as well as securing locations and equipment, etc. After pre-production is complete, now it’s time to put all that hard work together in production (via filming, animation and/or design).

Inside Video Post-Production

Once something special has been created, it’s time for video post-production. This taks is all the about the finishing touches. Here, your video or rather your project will be properly edited, sound and color will be added or perfected, any necessary print will be added (titles, subtitles, credits), special effects will be implemented and the project will be reviewed so that it can eventually be released to your target audience.

Marketing and Distribution

Once video post-production is complete, all that’s left to do is market and distribute your project. If your project’s target audience was internal obviously marketing and distribution on a grand scale may not be necessary, but, nevertheless, this is the final step in the overall video production process.

As indicated above, the process of video production ends with post-production and marketing/distribution. It is the next to last crowning task after a long series of other creative and production tasks have been completed.

A company that specializes is producing videos for high level clients can certainly handle a variety of video post-production needs with a high degree of quality and efficiency. When you need this service, look for a video post-production company that possesses applicable experience as well as offers extensive service features.