Facts and Myths of Window Tinting Jacksonville FL

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Business

There are many reasons for car owners to get their windows tinted. If you are considering tinting your windows, here are a few facts and myths about window that you need to be aware of.

Reduces solar heating
It is a fact that the tint can filter a significant amount of UV and IR radiation from the sun that causes the vehicle to heat up. It protects the interiors from getting cracked or upholstery to fade due to heat. Heat rejection is one of the advantages of tinting.

The downside is that tinted windows will not keep a car warm during winter by providing an insulating effect. Tint can only keep the car cool during warm weather.

Many claim that tinting the windows can give better visibility in bright settings. This comes from the idea of comparing darker tint to a pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately, this is not actually the case, and, if glare can still be an issue.

If you go for a reflective tint, you need to know that if the light inside the car is brighter than outside, you would have problems in viewing the outer image. You cannot expect it to be totally opaque although it can make things inside the car invisible from a certain distance. You also get to choose the level of opaqueness in the tint.

Ceramic vs. Metallic
The new trend in the market is the ceramic tints and are claimed to be the best. The tint effect and finishing are slightly superior in ceramic than the traditional metallic, but that comes with a little heavier price tag unless you have a dealer who can give a good discount.

The tint can be scratch resistant, but that doesn’t mean that is scratch proof. A typical tint will withstand a lot of damage, but something with a strong enough edge will still lead to scratches.

Interference of metal films
Some claim that the metal tints interfere with AM/FM frequencies or even mobile signals. The rear windows often carry the antenna and it is just another myth that tinting the rear window can cut off the signals.

If you do decide to darken your windows, it is important to get your tint done from a reliable tinting shop that would give best results.

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