The Steps Involved During Pavers Installation In Meridianville, AL

One of the simplest ways to create dedicated outdoor spaces is through the use of pavers. In addition to being affordable, pavers also have a long life expectancy and require very little maintenance to retain their beauty and structural integrity. Pavers Installation in Meridianville AL can be tricky, as several steps must be completed before and after laying the pieces, and failing to complete the installation correctly can lead to stability issues and a visually unappealing result.

Ground Preparation

The first step in Pavers Installation in Meridianville AL is to remove any grass or other vegetation that may be present in the area where the pavers will be laid. Next, measure the diameter of the space and dig out to a depth that is one inch deeper than the height of the pavers. Once the area is cleared out, spread a layer of sand in the paver area so it is one inch thick, and use the flat part of a push broom to push the sand until it is completely level.

Lay The Pavers

After the ground is prepared, begin laying the pavers by starting in the very center and working outwards towards the edges. It is useful to have a wet table saw on hand so pieces can be cut to the exact size needed before being laid. The project can also be customized with a unique pattern to give the area visual appeal that will help to distinguish the space from other areas in a garden.

Finishing Up

Once the pavers have been positioned, use a rubber mallet to ensure they are firmly in place and to get rid of any unevenness that can become a trip hazard. Next, apply sand over the top of the pavers to fill in any cracks or crevices that may have formed. This will help to prevent weeds and grass from growing between the pavers and provide a clean look.

Installing pavers can be a challenging job, which is why many homeowners choose to hire a professional. The team at S & S Traffic offers a complete line of exterior road and walkway services and can have any space easy to traverse in a matter of days. Browse us online today to learn more and see how affordable creating patios and exterior seating areas can be.