Driveway Contractors in Meridianville AL Rejuvenate the Exterior of a Residential Property

Driveway Contractors in Meridianville AL are ready to help property owners when an old asphalt driveway has become very deteriorated over many years. These customers may have recently bought a residential property at which the previous owners did not bother with driveway maintenance. If the pavement is breaking up and crumbling, reputable contractors will not just pour new blacktop over the old surface. They will remove that old asphalt and then build a new driveway.

Asphalt and Pavers

Contractors like S & S Traffic offer the choice of new blacktop or a complete change with brick pavers. The pavers cost more but create an intriguing look for the exterior of the home. An added advantage is that the customers can have the contractors build other exterior paved features to match the driveway, such as a patio and a sidewalk from the garage to the front and back doors.

Of course, the driveway could still be made of blacktop with the other features built with pavers. Many homeowners like the rich black look of asphalt, and if the driveway is long, asphalt is very cost effective as compared with pavers or even concrete.

New Landscaping

After Driveway Contractors in Meridianville AL have completed the work, new landscaping may be in order. It’s important to make sure trees and bushes are planted far enough away so that their root systems won’t disrupt the pavement.

Drainage Considerations

The contractors will have constructed all the paved areas so that drainage is adequate and rain does not puddle up on any surfaces. Driveways typically have a 1-percent or 2-percent slope on either side away from the center. A 2-percent slope is important if the driveway leads down a hill to a garage, or if standing water has been a problem in the past.

The work of these exterior contractors will transform the look of a residential property. Fresh blacktop leading to the garage or carport from the road rejuvenates the driveway. Pavers of the customer’s preferred colors add different hues and textures in other areas, both in front and back of the home. Contact us to get started.