The Rise of Private Label Packaging

The world of labeling has been changing over the past decade. While companies have always worked hard to provide successful branding through their labels, they are currently facing challenges from several sources. Educated consumers and government agencies are two groups challenging perception and reality of packaging norms. Also at work are what were once known as no-name or store brands. They are popping up on the shelves under what is known as private label packaging.

Private Label Brands

Private brands – many retailers prefer to drop the word “label” are a growing trend in retail markets. They are products you can find in most large retailers. They bear the store’s names or a name now closely associated with the store. Loblaws provides us with a clear example of this rise to prominence. Their President’s Choice label continues to be successful in its own right.

Such success stories as this continue to offer a challenge to national brands. They cannot do so successfully without refining their packaging strategies. They opt for smart designs that convey quality at good value. The most successful store brands provide consumers private label packaging that has nothing of the original cheap looking no-name look, except, perhaps, for the price. They also often

* Take care to be more environmentally friendly in packaging

* Offer innovative products

* Do not mimic the national brands in appearance or products

Instead of playing a supportive or alternative role, private labels brands are now asserting themselves as the brand of choice.

The Future Is Private Label Packaging

Private labels are on the rise. They continue to make a name for themselves in a very tough market. Whether it is in food, health or beauty products, interest in them is projected to increase over the next decade. Whether they are a newly minted specialty retailer’s product or unique signature store brand, these private label packaging ventures will make their own mark with the more cost-conscious, environmentally-observant consumer.