The Process of Becoming an EMT in New Jersey

Are you considering a career move and interested in EMT training in New Jersey? Emergency medical technicians in the state must be licensed by the Office of Emergency Medical Services, who ensure proper background screening, education, and examination. In this article, we’ll share the process of becoming certified and moving into this new career.

Prerequisites to EMT Training

Before becoming trained as an EMT, you first must be CPR certified. While students may be allowed into a trained program before reaching the age of 18, some tasks may not be done by anyone under that age. This includes operating an ambulance or other power equipment. There may be other prerequisites, which can be provided by the organization offering you training.

CPR Certification Requirement

The level of certification required related to CPR for those who want to become an EMT must be the same as for a professional rescuer or healthcare provider. There are numerous programs offered at this level in New Jersey. Some of the most common organizations chosen include the American Red Cross, National Safety Council, and the American Heart Association.

EMT Training Education

Any EMT is required to complete a training program. The requirements of that program are based on the 2009 EMS Standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Each student will have no less than ten hours of experience in a hospital emergency department or another setting by the time the education is completed.

Taking the Required Examination

The state of New Jersey uses the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certification examination. To take this exam, the student must have the approval to do so. The organization offering your program will confirm that you meet all requirements before you can sit the exam. There is a chance to take the exam up to three times before extra requirements are put into place.

Out-of-State EMT Requirements

If you are qualified for EMT to work out of state, New Jersey offers reciprocity, but there may be other requirements. Some individuals will be required to take an examination and complete a refresher course. However, if the individual is certified based on current standards, there may be no need for additional education.

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