Learn about Turfgrass Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA

Fresh sod is highly perishable, so it is important to know proper care before it is installed on the property. Experienced turf farms will provide instructions for Turfgrass Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA. Other resources are typically available as well. Customers can Browse our website or call if there are any questions regarding care.

The Key

The biggest component of care is plenty of watering. Turf is harvested on the same day as pick up or delivery for the freshest possible product. It will take two to three weeks for the sod to establish roots. In that time, the space will need to be watered daily at least. The exact amount of water required depends on the time of year, the type of turf, and the daily temperature.

The way to discover if the sod has enough water is to roll it back after watering for a few minutes. There will be random spots of ground that will be wet and some that will be dry. When there is more wet than dry, the task is half done. Once the ground is saturated, stop watering. Pay attention to the total time it took so there is a reference for future watering.


Turfgrass Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA varies for each season. Less maintenance is required in the fall because water will not evaporate quickly. Installing turf in the spring will result in two different phases of maintenance. It will start off slow and require more watering as the temperature rises. Summer sod requires the most maintenance because it must be watered every few hours during the day.

Turf Type

A tall fescue blend of turf is the most popular type for many reasons. It is drought resistant and can tolerate some shade. This means it requires less fertilizer than short fescue turf. The color is greener and lasts longer than other types of turf.

The blend is comprised of three different fescue turfs and ten percent bluegrass turf. Some farms only grow this blend of turf because it is the highest quality turf available and is State Certified Sod. The quality combined with same day harvesting provides an excellent start for the property.