Real Reasons You May Need Dental Crowns in Lacey, WA

When going to the dentist, there are various things that he or she may tell you that you need, which could include dental crowns. While dental crowns aren’t always a necessity, if they are often noting the importance of getting a crown placed, then it is wise to get it sooner rather than later.

While there are circumstances where you may not want or necessarily need to get a crown, it is important to listen to your dentist and find out the importance of getting dental crowns and whether or not it is wise to invest in one.

When You Need Crowns

A common sign that shows when you need dental crowns in Lacey, WA is experiencing pain. When you bite down and feel pain, then it is time to see the dentist. This pain may just be a sign of your tooth being cracked. A cracked tooth is not a condition to take lightly, and it requires immediate attention. Cracked teeth don’t heal, and you need to rectify the problem before it becomes worse.

Fillings Compared to Crowns

Some people may have the option of getting fillings instead of dental crowns, and that can be reliable. A filling often serves as a temporary solution, though, and it usually won’t keep you from needing a crown later on down the line. There is also the possibility that a filling might break the tooth, which does damage that can’t be repaired.

More often than not, it is wiser to get dental crowns over fillings. Dental crowns provide an extra level of protection, which usually isn’t provided by fillings. It also may be more cost efficient, as getting fillings will still require you to get a crown later on.

Seek a Dentist for More Information

If you want to learn more about dental crowns and whether or not you need them, contact us to get more information.