The History Of Trane And The Trane AC Compressor

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Air conditioning is a relatively new but lifestyle changing invention. The story begins in 1904 when Willis H. Carrier (1876-1950) partnered with J. Irvine Lyle (1874-1942) to introduce the first air cooling system and, later, the compressor. As the invention began to increase in popularity, other companies joined in the march to produce air conditioners for both the public and industrial concerns. Among the companies who strove with some success to introduce the air conditioner to the public was Trane. The company formed in the late 19th century, although the durable and high quality Trane AC compressor was a proud product of the booming interest in 1930s.

Trane: The Early History

Reuben Trane (1886-1984) and his father James Trane worked together in the family plumbing business in 1885. In 1913, after working in Milwaukee as a sales engineer, Reuben returned home. He, and other members of his family, incorporated the family business. As the Trane Co, it manufactured a type of steam valve traps invented by James A. Trane. These were a form of climate control devices.

It was not, however, until 1931, that the company actually ventured into the air conditioning market. It was a slow beginning to a company that then proceeded to grow in leaps and bounds, producing new and innovative equipment along the way. However, in 1938, it all began with the Turbovac, a new kind of water chiller – one that was to influence the production of other air conditioning systems including the creating of the Trane AC compressor.

Innovative and Foreword Thinking

After World War II, the desire to have an air conditioning unit or system in a residence and in industrial and office facilities grew. So, too did Trane. By the end of the 1990s, Trane had undertaken a couple of major deals, including some quite impressive mergers and acquisitions. Among them were:

* Tyco Laboratories, Inc in 1979

* Sentinel Electronics in the late 1970s

* General Electric’s Central Air Conditioning Division in 1982

However, in 1984, American Standard Inc. took over Trane. The result was the formation of the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Brand. Yet, by 2007, Trane was once more able to focus on what was important to the company. In 2008, it was acquired by another company Ingersoll Rand.
During this time, Trane rolled out several successful models of air conditioning units including:

* Turbovac (1981): A three-stage centrifugal water chiller

* Series R® CenTraVac® (1987): An updated version of the Turbovac

CenTraVac™ has become the company’s leading commercial air conditioner.

Trane AC Compressors and Air Conditioners

Trane has air conditioning systems that provide the highest level of efficiency while emitting the lowest emissions levels. The very nerve center of all their systems is the compressor. The Trane AC compressor, like the systems it operates and inhabits is durable and able to withstand the harshest of environments. Like the company that produces it, these are compressors made to endure and perform with reliability and quality.

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