Using a Raimondi Wet Saw To Get Great Tiling Results

Tile installation seems like an easy project, but having the proper tools is one of the keys to being satisfied with the result. Whether you are a serious do-it-yourselfer or a contractor, using the right tool for the job will leave you with the best results. What does this mean? Purchasing your equipment from a company that knows the tiling process and prides itself on providing quality equipment needed to get the job done right.

What to Look for in Tiling Equipment

You want to invest in quality, long-lasting equipment. Items such as the Electric Raimondi Wet Saw are designed specifically for cutting tile and will make clean cuts with little waste. You may be tempted to buy a lesser quality piece of equipment, but the difference in quality will show in your results and the final cost of the project.

Cutting tile is an important part of any tiling job. In some cases the cuts may be hidden, for example, it is sometimes possible to hide the cuts on floor tile under a piece of quarter-round trim. However, even if the cut is hidden, a sloppy cut increases waste. A clean cut gives you the piece of tile you are cutting to use and another clean cut, that you may be able to reuse somewhere else. Not to mention, a sloppy cut may end up causing the tile to break, leading to the entire piece being unusable.

Backsplashes and wall tiles make hiding cuts even more difficult. These are often a centerpiece design element of a room as well. Using a Raimondi Wet Saw to make these cuts ensures they are crisp, clean and professional.