The Formidable Bitzer AC Compressor

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Tools and Equipment

Bitzer has been competing for customers in the compressor business sector for more than 80 years. With an innovative approach to such components as compressors, they have carved a solid niche in the industry. The Bitzer AC compressor is one example where a solid comprehension of the needs of their customers melds perfectly with their technology. The result is a line of compressors that addresses many of today’s operational concerns.

Types of Bitzer Compressors

Bitzer currently produces compressors for both the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors. An innovative and forward-looking approach has resulted in the focus on compressors that are solutions to many modern issues for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. While some companies focus on a specific type or category of the compressor, Bitzer manufactures three types. These are:

1. Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating compressors

2. Screw compressors: This includes the energy efficient CSVH Screw Compressor range

3. Scroll compressors: Popular models include the five that comprise the GSD 6 Scroll Compressor Series

Their line of compressors offers their customers options, including environmentally friendly solutions.

Bitzer AC Compressors

The design of a Bitzer AC compressor addresses various current concerns of commercial companies. Among these is, of course, saving money. The CO2 Octagon compressors enable the operation of an AC to be highly efficient. This reduces energy usage and, therefore, costs. However, one of the more popular is the GSD 6 Scroll Compressor Series. These high energy efficient models boast capacities ranging between 10 and 20 tons. Moreover, Bitzer encourages environmental friendliness by designing models that specifically use natural refrigerants.

The Bitzer AC Compressor

Bitzer is a leading manufacturer of various components for the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. Its team of professionals researches the needs of its customer base thoroughly. Combining this with technological innovations, the company is able to produce the necessary sound heart for any HVAC system, their well-known Bitzer AC compressor.

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