Custom Cable Assemblies: From Design to Production

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Electronics and Electrical

When an OEM requires custom cable assemblies, they usually contract it out. They opt for convenience as well as professional expertise and specialized knowledge to produce the piece quickly, correctly, and cost-effectively. When a company decides to use a contracted tech company to do so, they tend to follow one of two paths, creating the need for two different but related approaches.

Two Basic Approaches

When an OEM or individual wants custom cable assemblies manufacturer, they arrive at the fabricator with at most a prototype, at the very least a basic concept. The two most common approaches are:

  1. The customer has a print, drawing, or computer-generated design. They then rely on the company to produce a prototype, consult the customer, test the results, further “tinker” with the piece, produce another prototype if necessary, and repeat the process. Then, after further consultation and approval, run off a first article before producing a viable run
  2. The customer has only an idea. In this case, the contracted company has lengthy and in-depth consultations with the OEM to determine the intent of the workpiece as well as exact specifications and considerations. Designers, engineers, technicians, and other professionals are part of a team that must work together to create a working design. Upon approval, the team moves to the next step – the creation of a functional prototype. After acceptance, the process follows the usual route to production

Either of these two approaches are capable of providing a functional, marketable product.

 Custom Cable Assemblies: From Design to First Article

When an OEM wants to launch a new product, it comes up with the initial concept. However, further development must be a combination of the expertise of all invested parties. This is particularly valid when customization is essential for the article’s success. For assurance such things as custom cable assemblies are successful, both the OEM and the fabricator must work collaborate closely.

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