The Benefits of Buying Certified Used SUVs

When you shop for cars, you’ll notice a lot of lovely sports utility vehicles available today. These cars are bigger and safer than standard passenger cars, and many of them get excellent fuel mileage. If you want one of these vehicles, you save money with used and certified used SUVs give you many important benefits. Let’s check them out now.

What Does Certified Mean?

A certified vehicle is completely inspected by trained professionals. If they spot any problems, the technicians fix them. This gives you a car in the best possible condition. You can rest assured you won’t have any problems for a long time and you get a powertrain warranty when you buy certified used SUVs, and many are for 100,000 miles.

Your certified vehicle is free of:

  • Defects
  • Title blemishes – no flooding and the car wasn’t wrecked or salvaged.
  • Worn tires or brakes
  • Paint chips or dings
  • All mechanical and cosmetic issues


Most certified cars aren’t over five years old. They can’t have too many miles on them either. If the dealer finds any major problems, then the car can’t pass the certification test.


Most dealers offer guarantees with their certified used vehicles. For example, you can take the car home for a week, and within that time, if you aren’t satisfied, they’ll let you return the vehicle for another one.


You pay more for certified used SUVs, but that’s because you get the highest quality. Also, you know the car is in great shape.

Peace of Mind

When you know you have a good car that’s not going to give you trouble, you can relax and enjoy life. It’s one less thing you have to think about. In a world where so many things can suddenly go wrong, it’s nice to know your car is not one of them.