Where Can I Find Custom Framing in Fort Lauderdale?

With a plethora of options for purchasing commercial, pop, and fine art in Fort Lauderdale, designers, collectors, and homeowners often wonder what their best options are for custom framing. However, in addition to artwork, custom framing can also be used to frame and showcase memorabilia, including sports and music memorabilia, family heirlooms, and archaeological treasure. If you are in Fort Lauderdale, your best option for custom framing is Rosenbaum Framing. Custom framing offers you a wide variety of options that are difficult or impossible to achieve using an off the shelf frame. Here are a few items that benefit from custom framing.

  1. Sports memorabilia. One of the most common items for custom framing is sports memorabilia. Signed jerseys, signed baseballs, footballs, basketballs, and hockey pucks, and other treasures can become damaged over time if they are not framed. Framing also makes it possible to proudly display the item or help you showcase it in an auction.
  2. Photographs. Many photographs can be framed nicely in a prefabricated frame, but sometimes you need to create a collage or feature a fine art photograph. Custom framing allows for total creative control over how the photograph or photos are displayed.
  3. Ketubahs. Ketubahs are often works of art with intricate calligraphy and additional decorative elements. The best way to treat the ketubah with respect is with a custom framing job. The same is true for any special wedding mementos or personal memorabilia.
  4. Biological specimens. Niche hobbies, such as collecting biological specimens, are actually common reasons for seeking custom framing services in Fort Lauderdale. Butterfly and insect specimens in particular need custom framing to be properly preserved.
  5. Musical instruments. Want to turn your entertainment room into the Hard Rock? If you have a special edition or signed guitar or any historical instrument that would benefit more from framing than playing, then custom framing is the only way to go.