Take a Bike Tour when Exploring Central Park

Most people have often heard about the beauty and attractions of Central Park. It is known as one of the world’s most renowned parks. This is why it is such an exciting place to visit when you are in New York City. Taking a bike tour in Central Park is an effective and healthy way to explore and discover this unique area. Riding a bike through the park will provide you with a different view and you will be able to cover more ground.

Bike Tours Are a Fascinating Way to See Central Park

Bike tours are a fascinating way to see and enjoy the beauty of Central Park. The bike tour in Central Park will be 2 hours and the tour guide will stop at several attractions in the park such as Shakespeare Garden, Strawberry Fields, Cherry Hill Fountain, and Alice in Wonderland Statue to name a few. The trails in the park are bike friendly and the natural landscape is spectacular. Whether you rent a bike or take a bike tour in Central Park you will get the proper equipment needed for your adventure. A tour guide will provide you with a helmet for your safety, maps to guide you, a chain lock to secure the bike when you decide to stop and take a stroll, and a basket to put your personal belongings in. All these items come without any extra charge. The bikes offered are well maintained for women, men, and children. You can even rent a tandem which is referred to as a bike for two.

View Historic Sites and Learn the History of Central Park

Bike touring is an excellent way to view historic sites and learn the history of Central Park. Your tour guide will educate you on the history of the park during your tour. The rates for bike tours are affordable and flexible. If you find an adventure like this intriguing you should take bike tour today. It is an exciting, fun, and healthy way to explore Central Park. For more information Must See Central Park.