The Advantages Of Using Round U Bolts

There are many different types of bolts and fasteners that can be used to hold round pipe, tubing, dowels or other types of materials. The round shape, however, makes it a bit of challenge for many traditional types of fasteners.

Round U bolts are designed to provide the exact round shape to cradle the outer diameter of traditional and custom sizes of pipe, tubing and even rod. This offers several advantages over using materials such as strap fasteners or trying to use clips or wires to hold these pipes in place.

Reduces Rubbing and Wear

Through the use of round U bolts that fit snug to the pipe following the round shape, vibrations in the pipe can be eliminated. This not only provides for less risk of noise for plumbing systems, but it also prevents the pipes from rubbing against the bolts, which can increase the risk of damage to the external surface of the pipes.

Speeds Up Installation

With the ability to simply drill two holes and insert the round U bolts over the pipe and through the holes for tightening, the process of installation is much easier. This eliminates the need to measure and cut the strap, forming the strap to the pipe and then tightening screws to hold it in place.

As the bolts are rigid rather than flexible, they are easier to work with even in rather confined locations and areas.

Variety of Backing Materials

The use of U bolts is simple with any material that can be drilled. With metal structural components all holes can be pre-drilled, which means that the installers simply insert the bolt over the pipe and through the hole and tighten down the nuts.

Not only will this speed up installation, but it also allows these bolts to be used on any type of job site and with any type of building material. The ease of installation makes these bolts an ideal choice.