Tips For Correctly Selecting Round U Bolts

There are many different uses for U bolts in construction, fabrication, and manufacturing. There are differences in the shape and options in these bolts that make them more or less appropriate for specific applications and projects.

By definition, the round U bolts in any size are the same in the general shape. This includes a round head or top part to the bolt that resembles the bottom of the upper-case U. In fact, the entire bolt resembles the U with the two “legs” providing the threaded areas to attach the washers and nuts. In some applications, a U bolt strap may also be used, which is a flat piece of metal that extends between the two legs in place of washers for a more dispersed hold.

The most common use for round U bolts is attaching round pipe, tubing or round bar to steel or wood structures. They can be used to run plumbing or conduit up walls, across ceilings or up posts or other types of structures.

What to Consider

Standard sizing for these bolts will include the diameter, which is the diameter of the individual leg. The next measurement in the description will be the length, and then the space between the legs (measured at the interior of the U) as well as the thread length.

Most standard sizes of round U bolts are set to match with standard sizes of pipe or bar. The diameter of the U bolt will be important to provide a solid, dependable attachment based on the weight of the pipe and, in many cases, also the weight of any liquids that may flow through the pipe.

The length of the bolt and the length of the threaded area will be considered in relationship to the thickness of the material the legs of the bolt have to pass through push the diameter of the pipe, tubing or rod it will support.