Types of Personalized Dentistry in Ann Arbor MI

Going to the dentist can create a sense of anxiety in many people. However, thanks to modern dentistry procedures, there are several ways to reduce anxiety while receiving the Personalized Dentistry in Ann Arbor MI services that are needed. Some of the most common types of dentistry services that people need are found here.

Fillings and Crowns

Some of the most common dental done today include fillings and crowns. A filling is used for a tooth that has a cavity. However, if the cavity or damage to a tooth is too severe, then a crown will be needed. This is a cap that goes over a tooth that is severely decayed or damaged. It strengthens and protects the tooth so that it can be used normally.

Dental Bonding

Another popular procedure that is used to correct a person’s smile is dental bonding. This procedure can fix a number of issues, including chips, cracks and other types of issues. Dental bonding utilizes tooth colored material to fix these issues. Once in place, a person will be unable to tell that the tooth was ever damaged.

Dental Cleaning/Checkup

The majority of people understand that they need to seek dental care approximately two times a year. During these checkups, the dentist will evaluate the overall health of the mouth and determine if any issues are present. They will also provide a thorough cleaning for the person to ensure their teeth are healthy. During these appointments, the dentist may also take x-rays and do other examinations, such as checking for signs of gum disease or oral cancer.

Cosmetic Procedures

Part of a personalized dental plan for many people is also cosmetic dentistry. This includes procedures such as whitening, dental implants, and porcelain veneers. These all help to improve the look of a person’s smile.

Keep in mind, the dental treatments needed will vary from one person to another. More information about Personalized Dentistry in Ann Arbor MI can be found by contacting an individual’s dentist. If a person would like to know more about personalized dentistry services, they can schedule an appointment and speak with a member of the staff.